Seller Services

The Home Selling Process

Selling a home can feel like a hectic time for many sellers. But it doesn't have to be stressful. Bringing Nadine on your team means that you're not going through it alone. You'll have a friendly guide to navigate the process, a saleswoman to represent your interests, and a pro to find the way when issues arise- all in one! From initial assessment to final close, Nadine's insights and easy demeanor make the entire process manageable.

Nadine staging a home

You may have big questions about pricing in this market. How is the best price determined? When Nadine assesses your property value, her insights prepare you to get the sweet spot between fastest sale and highest price. Her proprietary methodology includes not only evaluating your location and property size (which is what most agents offer), but also the nuances that make buyers go from just interested to fully invested!

Once your initial agreement is in place, she then jumps in to help get your home ready for show whether it needs just a shine or a top to bottom review. Nadine goes the extra mile to schedule, arrange, and even oversee the elements you need - cleaning, yardwork, repairs, etc. And she'll also let you know what improvements DON'T need to be made to still get the right sale.

After your plan is set, she then tops it off with the elements that will appeal to the largest number of potential buyers: staging, professional photography or video, marketing, and showing. With COVID-19 safety protocols marketing correctly and being connected to the right team is especially important.

Nadine then navigates the offers you'll receive and helps identify the right one for you. She schedules the buyer inspections and works through the negotiations that may follow. Finally you'll reach your closing and sign the final paperwork.

Contact Nadine today to schedule a conversation about your sales goals and get the help you are looking for!

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